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News from Donald

Fr. Donald Magoma wrote from Chad where it is very hot at present in many ways: Congratulations to our brothers in PMB. We are in a hot period. Sometimes it reaches 40 degrees. I am not counting the litres of water I am taking a day. ... Some priests do sleep outdoors... We are also done with Baptism celebrations. We are now starting

preparing for next years the catechumens of the 3rd year.”

We had two weeks of tensions here in the village between Muslims and Christians, but we thank God it did not go into a confrontation level. Two weeks ago there was a big raw between Muslims and some Christians. One person was killed. The Premier, Deputies and Lawyers came to calm the spirits. It was only two days ago that the issue was resolved.  We thank God that it did not turned in too war.

Many blessings.



Antony MkhariFr. Antony Mkhari from Lusaka, Zambia:

Fr. Antony is well and very happy in Lilanda in the outskirts of Lusaka. The Christian Community is very big and committed.

I participated in the Sunday Mass, at 7 am. The church was packed and many people had to stay outside. Fr. Antony Mkhari is working very well. He is responsible for Vocation Promotion in Zambia, although he also helps the confreres in the big parish of Lilanda. Fr. Antony is happy with his work and has become a good preacher in the community.

He was concerned about the life in the province of South Africa and wanted to know news from all of us. He greets us all.

I realized that the Christian communities also appreciate his kindness, availability and dedication to the people.

Fr. Jeremias





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