1831 15 March Birth of Daniele Antonio Comboni in Limone on Lake Garda, Brescia
1831 16 March Baptism
1839 11 September (?) Confirmation
1842   First Communion
1843 20February Enters the Institute founded by Canon Nicola Mazza "to gather and educate poor lads, equipped with the best minds, good habits and sound judgement..."
1849 6 January Vows at the feet of Mazza to consecrate himself to the mission in Central Africa for the rest of his life
1854 31 December Ordination to the priesthood by Bishop Tschiderer at Trent.
1855   Works in Buttapietra, Verona, assisting cholera victims
1857 9 August Fr Giovanni Marani reassures Comboni on his vocation
1857 10 September First journey of Daniel Comboni to Central Africa from Trieste on the Mazza expedition to Central Africa

29 September to

14 October

Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
1858 14 February After a long journey on the Nile, the expedition reaches the mission of Santa Croce, 6°40' Latitude North
1858 25 March Death of Fr Francesco Oliboni at Santa Croce
1859 15 January With his Mazza companions, he abandons the Santa Croce mission and returns to Italy
1859 October At Limone.  As soon as he he recovers his health, resumes his priestly duties in the Mazza Institute
1861 12 January Reaches Aden with instructions from Canon Mazza to redeem from slavery a few African youths to be educated in Verona
1861 2 February Leaves Aden with seven Galla boys
1861 18 March Reaches Verona with the Africans he rescued.  He is appointed Vice-Rector of the Institute
1861 April to December Trips to Trieste, Vicenza, Naples on mission business.  In the autumn he goes to Germany, where he has his first contact with the Cologne Society
1864 15 September In Rome, while praying on the tomb of St Peter, feels inspired to write the Plan for the Regeneration of Africa
1864 18 September Day of the beatification of Marguerite Marie Alacoque.  He presents his Plan to Cardinal A. Bamabo, Prefect of the Sacred Congregation of Propaganda Fide.  The following day he presents it to Pius IX
1864 From 4 December

Missionary promotion trip to introduce the Plan in Turin, Lyons, Paris, Cologne and London

1864 December 1st edition of the Plan in Italian
1865 12 November Sails from Trieste for Shellal with Fr Lodovico da Casoria.  Purpose of the journey: to study a way of dividing the mission between the Mazza Institute and the Franciscans
1866 13 January Comboni returns to Cairo after his expedition with Casoria to Shellal
1866 February Various trips to Paris, London, Cologne for the Plan and in search of cooperation.  The Mazza Institute gives up its commitment to the mission
1866 December Cardinal Bamabo advises Comboni to found a missionary institute
1867 7 May Audience with Pius IX in the company of 12 young African girls
1867 1 June Founds the Missionary Institute for Africa in Verona (Comboni Missionaries) within the framework of the Opera del Buon Pastore (Good Shepherd Association), an international missionary organisation established by Bishop Luigi di Canossa
1867 29 November

Sails from Marseilles for Cairo with three Camillian Fathers, three Sisters of St Joseph of the Apparition and 15 young African girls

In Cairo he starts two Institutes (male and female) along the lines established in his Plan

1868 2 April Is appointed Cavaliere d'ltalia; an honour he rejects in loyalty to the Pope
1868 7 July Leaves for a missionary promotion tour to France, Germany, Austria and Italy
1868 26 July At the Shrine of La Salettc he dedicates Africa to Our Lady
1869 20 February Sails from Marseilles for Cairo with the first two members of his Verona Institute
1869 15 March Promulgates the "Rule" for the missionaries of the Cairo Institutes
1869 23 May Opens a third house in Cairo as a school with African women teachers
1870 9 March Leaves Cairo for Rome which he reaches on 15 March.  As Mgr Luigi di Canossa's theologian, he can attend the First Vatican Council
1870 24 June Prepares a document to put before the Fathers of the Vatican Council I: Postulatum pro Nigris Africae Centralis (Appeal on behalf of the black peoples of Central Africa) It is accompanied by a letter approved (18 July) by Pius IX himself.  The work of the Council is suspended
1870 12 October Assures Cardinal Barnab6 that the new headquarters of the Institute has been established in Verona
1871 15 August Decides to undertake an exploratory expedition to Kordofan
1871 21 November Plans the foundation of a women's missionary Institute
1871 8 December Mgr Luigi di Canossa decrees the canonical erection of the Institute for the Missions of Africa
1871 December Finishes the drafting of the Institute's Rule
1872 1 January Founds the Institute of Pie Madri della Nigrizia (The Devout Mothers of Africa, Comboni Missionaries Sisters) at Montorio di Verona
1872 January Starts the magazine: Anncili del Buon Pastore (Annals of the Good Shepherd)
1872 26 May Comboni is appointed Pro-Vicar Apostolic for Central Africa