This community was established on the 1st July 2002 and is dedicated to Saint Daniel Comboni. Here we have established an International Scholasticate and also serve a parish. The Parish Church is dedicated to Saint Joan of Arc. Here we have four priests namely, Fr. Joseph Ngumba Lelo, from DRC, Fr. Paul Kambo, who is the parish priest, from Kenya, Fr. Manuel Casillas, from Mexico and Fr. Reig Bellver Vicente Luis, from Spain, and 12 scholastics. The scholastics come from different parts of the world: DRC, Togo, Benin, Mexico, Italy, Kenya.

The Webpage of the Scholasticate is: www.combonischolasticate.wordpress.com

Escolasticado de Pietermaritzburgo Sud Africa febrero 2014escolasticado Pietermartizburgo 1 febrero 2014SAM 0297SAM 8097SDC10992S Joan Arc Baptism