Comboni Lay Missionaries


The centrality of mission and with it the role of the laypeople, the ministerial service of the Church and the Comboni charism lived in a “lay” dimension, Comboni’s example and the demand of the new mission, are the main criteria and motivations which animate the Comboni Lay Missionaries (CLM). The CLM are single or married people who participate in the Mission of the Church according to the charism of Comboni.
The CLM are at present around fifty, committed to missionary services in Brazil, Centrafrique, Guatemala, Ecuador, Ghana, Kenya, Mexico, Peru, Chad, South Africa and Uganda. They come from various Comboni provinces in Europe and America.
In ever greater number, they commit themselves to activities of mission promotion in their Churches of origin, in cooperation with the Comboni communities.
Their formation Centres are in Italy, Germany, Portugal, USA, Mexico, Peru and Brazil.


We're a Catholic community of lay men and women who live out our faith by walking with the poor of other lands, helping to build a more just and compassionate world.
What We Do
Have you ever thought of living out your faith by walking with the poor of another land?
We are a Catholic community of lay people who live out our faith and ideals by walking with the poor of other countries, sharing our talents, learning from one another, and joining the struggle for a more just and compassionate world.
We share our talents in health care, education, agronomy, community development, administration, technical skills, and pastoral work. We live together in community and participate in pastoral teams of Comboni priests and religious and local leaders.


In order to truly walk with the people, we strive to learn the culture and language of the people and live a simple lifestyle close to that of the people. We bring with us a sense of justice and solidarity, a sense of humility -- and a sense of humor! We build friendships and work together as brothers and sisters.