Comboni Missionaries

Comboni Missionaries 1

The Comboni Missionaries of the Heart of Jesus is an exclusively missionary Institute dedicated to the evangelization of peoples. We were founded in Italy in 1867 by St. Daniel Comboni and are a congregation of priests and brothers of many nationalities.

Missionary Service

The characteristics of this missionary service are summed up in the four following points:

1st Characteristic

Comboni Missionaries 2We are missionaries "ad gentes" because we go out to peoples, areas and situations where evangelisation has not yet been completed.

2nd Characteristic

Comboni Missionaries 3We are missionaries "ad pauperes", because preference is given to the poorest and most abandoned from the point of view of Faith and the social dimension.

3rd Characteristic

Comboni Missionaries 4We are missionaries "ad extra", because we are men of God who go outside (exodus) our personal, family, geographical, cultural, social and religious frontiers.

4th Characteristic

Comboni Missionaries 5We are missionaries "ad vitam" because we make a life-long consecration to God for the Missions.