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Pope's Prayer Intention for November:

For those who suffer from depression

Provincial Retreat

Maria Trost Pastoral Centre, Lydenburg, Witbank Diocese


We still eagerly await the arrival of:

Fr. Javier Martin Ruiz Eche (Peruvian)

Letter of Solidarity from the
General Council

Solidarity letter to South Africa about the riots

Reflections on
Violence and Looting in
South Africa

Reflections on violence and looting in South Africa

No to Looting in South Africa

Opening Address SACBC Plenary
Bishop Sipuka

Opening Address Plenary Meeting – August Bishop Sipuka


Message from the General Council

Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Message from the Provincial Superior RSA

Sacred Heart 2021

LUMKO INSTITUTE, 12-16 April 2021

We are grateful to God for the presence and
guidance of His Spirit during our Assembly.
We also thank you for your prayers.

Year of saint Joseph

Year of Saint Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church and Patron of the Institute (8.12.2020-8.12.2021)

Dear Brothers
On 19 March we celebrate the feast of St Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church and Patron of our Institute. We know well the important place of St Joseph in the missionary life of St Daniel Comboni, and also the familiarity with which our Founder related to this saint. Often, with Our Lady, he would also mention St Joseph: “gentleman”, “mission bursar”, “protector of the Church and of the people of Nigrizia”. Pope Francis wanted this year to be dedicated to Saint Joseph, on the 150th anniversary of his declaration as Patron of the Universal Church. This declaration took place precisely at the time of Comboni (8.12.1870) and from this deduct the place that St Joseph had in his life. In view of this celebration, the Pope has published the Apostolic Letter “Patris Corde” which we would like to invite everyone to read, as we prepare for the feast of the 19th of March. In addition to this letter, the GC has decided to offer you two reflections: one, prepared by Fr Carmelo Casile, “St Joseph in the missionary journey of St Daniele Comboni” and the other, by Fr Guido Oliana, entitled “The theology and spirituality of St Joseph and the vocation of the Comboni missionary brother – paternity, fraternity and ministeriality”. We are sending only the Italian version of the latter text. We hope to have it translate soon into other languages. Other reflection material on St. Joseph can be found in the blog of Fr. Manuel João: and community reading of these texts will help us to live this year better and to have this saint even more as part of our companions on the mission roads today.
We wish everyone a Happy Feast and a Happy Year of Saint Joseph.
The General Council

Patris Corde “With a Father’s Heart”

Patris Corde “With a Father’s Heart”

Joseph a man capable
of dialoguing with mystery

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Doctrinal Homily Outlines

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  • Hamilton anti-racism report seeks change November 28, 2021
    Almost two-thirds of Black students in the Hamilton, Ont., Catholic school board said they feel unsafe in their school, according to a new report.
  • Czerny calls for renewal of theology in higher learning November 27, 2021
    Back in Canada for the first time since receiving the red hat from Pope Francis in 2017, Cardinal Michael Czerny told the theology faculty and students at Toronto’s Regis College they must take up the neglected renewal of theology called for by the Second Vatican Council, St. Pope Paul VI and St. Pope John Paul […]
  • Canadians urged to make spiritual journey with Indigenous November 26, 2021
    As Indigenous elders, youth, knowledge keepers and residential school survivors prepare for their historic meetings with Pope Francis Dec. 17-20, Regina Archbishop Don Bolen is inviting Canadians to journey with them spiritually.
  • More people, less food for food banks November 25, 2021
    At 9 a.m. the line up for the St. Ann’s Church Food Bank in downtown Toronto stretches around the corner and back up to Gerrard Street. At 9:30 they’ve run out of milk and yogurt. At 10 more bags of pre-packed groceries are headed upstairs from the basement to restock tables where food bank patrons […]
  • Migration in spotlight for Pope’s Greek trip November 25, 2021
    VATICAN CITY -- Pope Francis will draw the world’s attention to migration once again as he visits Cyprus and Greece in early December.
  • Delegates to get unprecedented access to Pope Francis November 24, 2021
    Indigenous delegates to Rome will have at least three hours of direct, face-to-face conversation with Pope Francis spread over four days, topped off with their presence at an hour-long general audience.
  • Healing demands prayer, action November 24, 2021
    While the upcoming delegation of Indigenous leaders and Canadian bishops travelling to Rome next month to meet the Pope in Rome is an “important, outward and public sign of a commitment to healing and reconciliation,” Catholics must look inward to answer the call to true healing, said Cardinal Thomas Collins.
  • Wisconsin parishes pray for victims after SUV plows through parade crowd November 23, 2021
    WAUKESHA, Wis. -- Church leaders and parishes offered prayers for the five people who died and dozens more who were injured, including a Catholic priest, church parishioners and Catholic school students, when an SUV plowed through spectators watching a Christmas parade.
  • Healing, reconciliation focus of Cardinal’s Dinner November 21, 2021
    Reconciliation will be the major theme for the annual Cardinal’s Dinner in the Archdiocese of Toronto on Nov. 23.
  • Younger Canadians embrace religious authenticity: study November 20, 2021
    While 70 per cent of  participants in a recent survey believe God and religion should be completely kept out of public life, a data point suggests a Canada more open to public figures speaking and acting based on their religious beliefs is a possibility.