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Catholic Church

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The Parish, dedicated to St Augustine, was entrusted to the Comboni Missionaries in 1967 and the community was established in 1969.

Fr. Rafael Armada

Fr. Robert Ndungu

Fr. Raul Tabaranza

Br. Erich Stoferle

St. Augustine's Youth visit a Recycling

Fr. Robert and Fr. Raul with the Youth of St Augustine’s Parish, Silverton, Pretoria Archdiocese visiting a recycling factory. This is to make the Youth aware on taking good care of our environment.

St. Augustine's World Day of the Poor

It is a Sunday afternoon and most businesses along the busy Moreleta Street are closed. There is a scary silence especially to people who are accustomed to noise associated with the hustle and bustle of city life. It takes courage to walk along this street since the only people around are the homeless, some huddled behind rubbish bins having a smoke, looking curiously at passersby, while others are deep in sleep next to the only safe place they know, the rubbish and clutter thrown next to the bridge and the train station. On the other side of the street, there is one pub that is open and playing loud music. A group of young men in their early twenties are sitting outside having drinks while others are smoking. They look at us suspiciously and easily surmise that we are from the Church. It takes courage to approach one of them and engage in a chat concerning our intention to provide them a light meal to mark the World Day of the Poor. These revelers prefer to continue drinking and dancing rather than present themselves for food parcels.